Be a Conscious Parent, and Raise a Child Who is Emotionally, Physically, and Spiritually Balanced, Resilient, and Empowered!

Hi – I’m Laurie Roper, M.S.  I believe I can help you with some of your parenting dilemmas.   My 18 years of experience as an educator in public and private school systems, as a coach / staff developer for administrators, psychologists and teachers, and most of all through my hands-on experience with kids and often times their struggling parents.

Are you experiencing even some of these problems with your child?

*  Oppositional Behavior

*  Disregard of personal boundaries

Anxiety and Depression

*  Health issues such as chronic headaches, weight

*  Disregard of personal hygiene

*  Poor Grades

*  Impulsive Behavior

*  Lack of Focus & Commitment

*  Moodiness and Irritability

I can offer you tools and advice to help you.  Please come back to this new site for blogs, educational videos and just plain good advice!


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