The Flip Switch Technique for Parents

How can you change the way you feel in a matter of seconds?  And, how can you teach your child an easy to learn technique which will establish new neural pathways in the brain so fear, trauma, and anger are diminished exponentially.  There is a remarkable effective technique taught by Dr. Robert Anthony, whose audio program is available through The Secret of Deliberate Creation.  You can also purchase his book entitled Beyond Positive Thinking, on Amazon.

The technique Dr. Anthony teaches, is called the “Flip Switch”, and I highly recommend you give it a try.  Here is an explanation, and how it is put into practice by using Flip Switch action which takes you from a low energy state, to a higher one.  It’s about consciously finding ways to change or “Flip Switch” your vibrational energy at the very moment you are feeling any negative thoughts or emotions.

Any negative vibration or frequency brings back more of the same, but multiplied.  On the other hand, anything which causes you to feel even a little bit better than you did a moment before, will cancel out that negative frequency.

If you don’t do something about changing negative energy at least sometime during the day, it’s going to pile up and the results won’t be pleasant.  The moment something negative crosses your path, ask yourself, “Is this feeling bad going to make the situation any better?  Is there even one benefit here if I feel bad?”

By being conscious of  the moment, and asking in the moment, you’ll discover that feeling bad only plummets you into more anxiety, despair, and stress.  You always have a choice.  You can Flip Switch to something else which will make you feel better in the moment.  So in those moments, as soon as you realize you are having negative thoughts, reach for the thought that feels best.  Don’t wait!  Find something to think about which makes you feel good right then and there.

Say the Magic Words

“I choose to feel good now!”  Flip Switch from negative thoughts, to a vibrational state that makes you feel better.  Flip Switching is simply looking for ways to feel better in the moment, no matter what’s happening around you.  It will take a bit of attention every day, but it will change your entrenched habits.  In any moment, regardless of how you feel, start to train yourself to reach for the thought that feels best in that moment.  Then say the Magic Words, “I choose to feel good now!”  You’ll experience a shift in emotional state.  This newly activated thought will change your life – one moment at a time.

From now on, any stress you experience is there to alert you to say the six magic words, “I choose to feel  good now!”  You then immediately diffuse the stress.  Do it in the moment, and the results will be cumulative.  Try Flip Switching for at least 15 seconds.  Holding a positive thought or feeling for 15 seconds can completely eliminate a negative thought.  Just recreate that feeling for 15 seconds.

Another way is to think of something you’re grateful for.  You can’t appreciate something, and be unhappy at the same time.  The more you appreciate something, the more of what you appreciate will come into your life.  Flood your mind with appreciation or gratitude, and focus on it for 15 seconds.  Create a state of positive emotion in the moment, because that’s what activates the positive energetic vibration which attracts what you experience in your life.  You are never more clear about what you want, than when you are experiencing what you don’t want!

Say, now I’m going to stop worrying and refocus my thoughts, and Flip Switch.  “I choose to feel good now!”  Then turn your attention away from that which you DON’T want, to what you DO want.  This will stop negative attraction to positive attraction.  This positive self correction in the moment, will put you in a position to receive the answers you need with greater clarity.  “Like attracts like” means what you “flow out” will find its vibrational match, and magnetize it to you, bringing you back someone or something with the feeling you flowed out.  It will bring it back, multiplied and stronger.

Before you teach it to your child, try it out yourself.  When you start seeing the benefits in your own life, you’ll be ready to mentor your child.


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