Make the Right Choice!

In my last blog, I wrote about distorted perceptions – feelings that perpetually lie to us, due to a lifetime of negative programming.  Now, I’d like to address the idea of choice.   As you know, for every choice there is a consequence.  This is something you as a parent are mindful of with your child.   Choices are the dominant force in our lives.

Choice can be defined in a basic way such as:  I choose to skip dinner tonight or I choose to sleep late on Sunday.  These basic choices don’t necessarily have a huge impact on our lives, but there are the deeper choices we make in life – the choice of how we love, how we raise our children, the choices based on our belief system, or the choices we make based on the resentments we hang onto.

Each of these deeper choices holds an incredible power not only on our psyche, but how we impact others.  Our choices affect our physical health as well.  As an example, if we live with guilt or shame because of a choice we made, it creates stress in our lives and ultimately may lead to serious illness.

To create a life which is not fraught with obstacles, make choices guided by wisdom, faith, and the energy of your spirit.


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