We Are All Connected

Children relate to nature and animals differently than adults.  They know innately when they touch a tree or hold a flower that there’s an inexplicable connection.

It is up to parents and mentors to instill in children the interconnection of everything.  Kids need to learn they are part of the whole, and in this way, they won’t be likely to abuse a pet, or discard garbage on a roadside.  They won’t be likely to abuse another person or themselves.  They will know that whatever they do, creates a ripple effect for those around them.  When children are taught the idea of this deep interconnection, and are helped to respect nature through exploring it, they are assured a great start in life.

As Native American tradition teaches us, we are connected to the animals, rocks, plants and the earth and their voices and energy can speak to us.  I’ve always been astonished and inspired by the idea that before a kill, the Native American hunter telepathically asks the animal if it is ready to die, and based on the answer received, the animal is let go, or it surrenders to death and a higher cause that it understands.

Inspiring children to produce creative works through this spiritual connection, is part of the way they can learn.  In other words, give a child a chance to express him or herself through art, writing, music, or drama as examples.


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