Indigos – A New Breed of Children

In my last blog, I wrote about underachieving students with high ability. This week, I’d like to discuss the amazing amount of children that are being born with unusual gifts.  They are sometimes referred to as  indigo children.  These kids are often talented in multiple ways, and they have a wisdom way beyond their years.  Although they are incredibly knowing and psychic, as well as confident in asserting their beliefs, they are paradoxically uninformed, and really need mentors about life.

In my book entitled, Travels to the Sixth Dimension:  A Journey Through Hyper-Space, my narrator is a young indigo, who explains he was born with multiple activated strands of DNA in the proper sequence.  Thus, he has quite a few natural abilities such as telepathy, the ability to leave his body at will, absent healing, to name some.  He lets his readers know they need to find mentors who can help them remember even more of what they already know, and apply it to daily life.  He also gives them techniques to develop their skills.

It would really help this type of child if the schools had programs that could fulfill them, particularly in the arts, where they can act out, produce, sing, create, dance, and dream – where their unique talents can be developed so they can serve humanity at the highest level.  If you are a parent who thinks you have an indigo child with imagination, a desire to think out of the box, and creative ideas he/she would like to express, here are some websites you can explore.  When this type of child can volunteer to benefit others in the world, and where he/she can make a difference, and their voice can matter, you are helping develop a child who is more at ease in the world.  Here are some links to explore:    Habitat for Humanity (


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