Help Children Relax and De-Stress Through Proper Breathing

I’ve instituted a policy of deep belly breathing in my classes, for those who wish to partake, because I started seeing a dramatic decrease in hyperactivity and lack of focus when we did this exercise.  You can easily teach it to your child, and you will also see dramatic differences in temperament and intuitive intelligence, because conscious or mindful breathing centers you and opens the door to intuition.

I noticed after a few weeks of doing the breathing exercises I’m about to share, the children in my classes who tended to be hyper-active and anxious, began to settle down. Students who sit all day with little or no exercise, or those who need to build vitality and stamina, can certainly benefit from this type of breath work.

This is done in 3 easy steps:

*  Expand the belly on the inhale, pushing it outward gently.  Opening the abdomen in this way, initiates the gut / brain (the gut is noted to be the second brain) and the instinctual level of intuition.

*  Expanding the breath in this way carries it into the solar plexus and into the chest. When your lungs and heart are expanded, you’ll feel your intuition becoming active.

*  The exhale is a gentle release

By directing your breath, you calm your emotions, lower your blood pressure, and quiet your mind.

It’s easy and effective.  Practice it yourself, and teach the technique to your child, so you both can feel energized throughout the day.


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