Emotional Coherence Techniques

Last week I spoke about a breathing exercise to de-stress and accelerate intuition.  The procedure is great for both you and your child.  That type of full belly breathing opens the inner doors of clear thinking, and can help clarify goals, as well as set the day for deep calm.

Now, I’d like to suggest something you are probably doing, but may not realize the full significance of.

I’m speaking about an obvious way to transfer love, but the ramifications are quite stupendous.  We know we can transfer love through our hands with a gentle touch, or through hugs, with our eyes, and in our tone of voice.  There’s so many times I’ve felt like hugging a student to give them the emotional support they so richly deserve, but I am thwarted by school policy, so I try to show it in other ways.  One of the ways I try to do this is through soft eye contact, because a long gaze registers on brain-mapping images as pleasure.

Our heartbeats entrain into one rhythm when connected.  Heart to heart hugs synchronize body rhythms, and establish resonance between two people.  Resonance is really a peaceful response to each other, and it calms the emotions and gives clarity of thought.  The HUG is one of several methods for creating energy harmony within one’s self or with another person.

Here’s a technique to try with your child:

If you check out this website, you can find out a lot about breathing and co-resonance. www.heartmath.org  Place your hand on your heart and/or your child’s heart while doing the breathing into the abdomen, as in the deep belly breathing I have suggested.  This gesture quickly creates a resonance.  Completing this belly breath with the resonance of intention instantly creates a connection.

Research suggests that positive emotions exert corresponding feelings on the organs and systems of the body, especially the immune system.  Calm coherence and a sharing of love is what it’s about.


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