The Power of Words

There is a Native American tradition in which words, recited aloud, function as a part of the healing process by transformation and restoration.  This tradition can be practiced through the written, as well as the spoken word.  Many of us have heard stories of how a kind word  in passing has prevented someone from committing suicide, or how words of inspiration have been whispered from invisible sources into someone’s ear just at their breaking point.  Words have a very powerful encryption, and that is why it is important to clean up our language, and explain to our children that words carry a frequency, and are an integral part in creating our reality.  Take, as an example, affirmations beginning with “I AM”.  The words “I AM” are probably the highest frequency words in the universe.  As an example, “I AM” now creating more wealth than I can possibly spend, or “I AM” wholeness, “I AM” light, or “I AM” creating the most loving, respectful, and harmonious relationship with my child.

Help your child to be mindful of the words they say, and how they say them.  Inflection can also change one’s whole outlook on a situation, and this can be explained, depending upon the age of the child.

Here’s a suggestion that you can also share with your child.  Write a note to yourself in which you explain how deserving of a wonderful life you are.  You can also write about an object or goal you’d like to attain.  Put this note where you can see it – if even on the bathroom mirror.   Look at it each day, and read the words aloud.  Read them again and again until you believe them – until the words get to the core of your being. You’ll know when you’ve arrived.  Share your thoughts with your child, and encourage him/her to write down their desires.  Give your child the gift of transmuting their lives through the power of words.


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