Ask Pertinent Questions of Your Child’s School Administration

This is a fact!  If you want adept scientists and mathematicians, you must have music classes.

If you want children to become successful designers and architects, you must have art classes to inspire them.

As for good leaders, it’s very important that there are sports, debate clubs, and marching bands.

Then there are the shop classes we all remember, including woodwork and metal, field trips, and experiments with building techniques.  These classes help a child inclined to pursue a career in engineering.

If your child has an interest in finances, wants to be a stock broker, banker, or an investment manager, encourage your school to participate in student banks, and stock market activities.  This participation is not uncommon, based on anecdotes from statewide investment challenges for youngsters.  There are a number of schools which have their students use pretend money in stock market investment challenges.  As an example, Tillar Elementary School in Wisconsin won a market investment challenge in April of  2010 by turning their pretend money $100,000 into $160,218 in ten weeks!

If you want kids who are interested in the political scene, and want to make a difference, teach history and civics.

Finally, and I think this is a splendid concept, enter your child, if possible, in full immersion classes where they learn another language.  This begins in kindergarten or even nursery school.  What a boon to be able to speak a second language as the demographics of the United States keep shifting.  For half a day school is conducted in another language, and the other half of the day, English is spoken.  So, in any half a day, only that language is spoken or written, including all discussions and responses.  Full immersion increases and expands the capacity of the brain.  As a by-product, kids become more resilient, versatile, flexible, and self-reliant.

Children don’t take long to catch on.  In a perfect world we would have all these choices in programs for our kids.  As parents, I’m sure you are doing everything you can to give your child a competitive edge in the global job market.


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