Honoring Yourself

I believe most people don’t recognize that their mission in life is to express love.  That is our ultimate purpose on the planet.  That said, finding a way to love is about healing the pain of the past, and all the negative beliefs that have been programmed since childhood.  I’ve said something to this effect in some of my past blogs.  What I haven’t said is, since many of us push ourselves, and deny our own feelings, or just don’t have time to sit quietly in order to understand what triggers us, we are just having knee jerk reactions to events in our lives.  We are just trying to get through the day maintaining some degree of sanity, and if we’re lucky, a little peace.

In our desire to understand and make sure our children / partners are loved, many mothers tend to shut down to receiving love.  The majority of mothers tend to do everything for everyone else at their own expense.  Being a martyr does not serve your child.  If you don’t connect to your heart by honoring yourself, your children will not learn how to do it for themselves.  If you want your children to have lives of abundance and happiness, be an example of abundance and happiness.  If you want your children to grow up feeling confident, fulfilled and with the ability to honor themselves, then model this for them.  Don’t perpetuate the cycle of quiet resentment, judgement and blame.


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