Indigo Children – Who Are They and What is Their Mission?

I decided to write this blog about Indigo Children as I’ve been aware of them in my classrooms, and because I write books for children whom I recognize as being Indigos.  My latest book is called Travels to the Sixth Dimension: A Journey Through Hyper-SpaceTeTeBlogI gear my writing to kids who can identify with the main character, an unusual 12 year old who doesn’t know he is an Indigo but is learning to polish his gifts vis-a-vis a guardian-like character from the sixth dimension who orbs in to help him.

Who and what are these children?  If you haven’t already read about them, there are many books, apart from my own, that you can find on the subject.  Just check Amazon or even Barnes and Noble.  To be succinct, Indigo Children are born with many gifts such as the ability to remote heal, using their powers as soon as there is a need to do so.  Often, they are not even aware of the fact that they are utilizing their extraordinary healing capabilities.  Furthermore, these unusual children possess an ability to read a person like an open book.  If you have a hidden agenda, or intentions to manipulate them, they will see through you and reveal your motives.

It seems these children are the next stage of human evolution, and do we ever need their gifts of compassion, clarity and understanding.

From an article in a website  journal, Message to Eagle, Professor Vladislav Lugovenko, Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Science of the Institute of Earthly Magentism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Emission of the Russian Academy of Sciences, says these children possess potential to change our civilization.

He is one of many scientists who have studied the behavior of Indigo Children with great interest.

“Indigo Children have a special mission to change our planet.  Many of them have amended DNA spirals, which gives them an incredibly strong immune system, which can even defeat AIDS.  I have met such children in China, India, Vietnam, and so on.  I am sure they will change the future of our civilization,” Professor Lugovenko said.


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