Subconscious Programs You Share With Your Children

Our parents play a huge role in how we perceive the world and how we parent our own children. We learn to perceive the environment as our parents do and pick up signals from them.

These perceptions are stored on a cellular level. It is said by the Jesuit order that a child is totally formed in thought and belief by the age of seven.

Here are some examples of programs that may have been installed in the software of your brain, and which you are unknowingly passing on to your children.

* Life is a struggle with very few positive moments

* I’ll never amount to anything

* The rich get richer and the poor get poorer

* I have to be on my vigil all the time and it’s exhausting

* This just isn’t the right time for me to start making changes

* I need a lot of luck to get what I want

If we don’t consciously get rid of limiting beliefs, it creates an inner pressure. How can we make the most evolved choices when our thinking is distorted by the beliefs ingrained since childhood?

These beliefs are the information packet we are holding in our subconscious and which we unwittingly pass along to our children.

A toolbox is necessary for us to dig deeper and prevent the programs from running us. A while back I mentioned the Flip Switch Technique I learned from Dr. Robert Anthony, author and hypnotist.

The flip switch is easy to learn. Every time you have a negative thought, and we all have plenty during the course of the day, flip the thought to something positive and dwell on the positive thought for 15 seconds. This is because in 15 seconds new neural pathways are forged in the brain, and you will condition your brain to think positively, attracting or magnetizing more positive situations into your life.

The more clearly you envision a positive situation, putting the emotion behind it, the more advancement you will make in what’s called brain plasticity. You are expunging the negative programming, and replacing it with a positive program. You can even do it when you’re stopped at a traffic light. It’s so easy and so effective.


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