Authentic Power

When you think of authentic power, I’m sure many people can come up with their individual views on it. The reason I bring it up is the definition I’m about to throw out, has a cascade effect on your child. As you become authentically powerful, you become whole and inwardly secure. You can walk through life with an empowered heart without attachment to the outcome. It’s an alignment of the personality with the soul. As you make spiritual growth your priority, look at what you can contribute to your child’s growth, and in fact to the people around you, and even to the world.

In supporting your child and giving love, you are giving him/her the most important gift.   You are valuing your child. If you discipline your child because you’ve had a bad day at work, what are you contributing except the pursuit of external power?   You are trying to take control so you’ll feel more valuable or safe. The idea of conscious parenting is almost a new paradigm because it requires parents to be totally conscious of their thoughts and actions from moment to moment, and requires the flowering of wisdom and compassion. Author and motivational speaker, Gary Zukov says, “It requires an awareness of the beauty of the universe. It requires that the individual view the ‘earth school’ from an impartial perspective, which means to understand that however destructive and tragic things appear, there is a reason that has to do with your spiritual evolution.”


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