May Our Hearts be Open For the Children

I mentioned the idea of external power in my last blog – particularly when dealing with your child. Everywhere we look, we see external power and we are aware that it is not working. The long arm of control, which uses fear tactics and deception, is dissolving. Many social structures, such as governments and corporations, are being examined and exposed, as peoples’ consciousness shifts. The world is waking up to the idea that external power has little relevancy – there is no salvage value because they are all built on the perception of power as the ability to manipulate and control. This type of manipulation creates violence and distortion, but the possibilities for authentic power are all around us. So, we ask ourselves how can we create harmony and cooperation in a world of discord?  

Let’s take this concept to the microcosm of our home life, where power-plays with our children are either consciously or unconsciously lived out. We need to be in a new relationship dynamic with our children. The old ways of how your parents and their parents dealt with children is becoming obsolete. The idea of parenting will be different in the future. It will require a conscious individual to raise a child. It will require the creation of authentic power in each parent which means parents who are compassionate, responsible and accountable.


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