Deconstructing the Mind Sets We Create

If you’re like me, you have to keep reminding yourself that the wolf is NOT at the door. With all the horrific stories in the media, and the stress of life, it’s even a wonder we are functioning.  If you’re like me, you might go to bed, reliving the stressful incidents in your life.  We can create incredibly dark scenarios in our minds because we live in a complex world where all our buttons can be pushed.

Children push our buttons and we often don’t know how to shake off the negative emotions we are left with.  It’s a rich territory when we look at the landscape of our thoughts, and this applies to situations which cause anxiety between you and your child or with your partner.  One way I’ve learned to help myself with any issue that weighs heavily, is to journal at the end of the day.  This seems to expunge the negative emotional charge and gives me more clarity regarding how and why I acted as I did. Another suggestion I will make, is to think about 4 or 5 things which were positive in your relationship between you and your loved ones.  It shouldn’t be hard to come up with just a few good moments at the end of the day.  This idea is akin to the idea of expressing gratitude – even for the smallest things.  It shifts your vibration and creates a space for you to align with the possibility of more positive circumstances and much better family dynamics.


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