Bringing Back a Highly Effective Philosophy of Parenting

Here’s a key element for conscious parenting.  We know that creating a safe place for your child to feel protected and secure is optimum.  This is a place where your kids want to hang out, even adolescents, and enjoy themselves without having to be questioned and advised all the time.  How about connecting with other conscious people.  This is like a cross pollination of allies or conscious friends who are committed to living consciously and making positive strides in their life.

Are you able to name at least three non-parent adults who are positive role models for your child?  This was a traditional way of raising kids in the past.  Small communities helped each other and many of the adults became parents to all the children.  It still works like this in communities choosing to live “off the grids” and in the structure of the Kibbutz in Israel.

How about that strict but kind piano teacher who pushes 30 minutes of practice a day and who may be helping your child build confidence?  Or maybe the neighbor who hires your son to walk her dogs – that neighbor helps your son see himself as a responsible and reliable person.

Adults outside our families can be hidden treasures when it comes to helping us parent.  Research shows that all family members can benefit from kids having these kinds of supportive relationships.  You can help nurture them by introducing your children to people you like and respect, and supporting positive relationships which develop naturally.


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