Striving for Authenticity With Children

There are many parents who are aware and make responsible choices.  These are the parents who are guided by their intuition, and strive to bring authenticity into their relationships.  Then there are those that don’t have the awareness of their experiences – even painful ones.  They are in a state of consciousness where it becomes impossible to express love.  How can you express love to a child or partner when you are in a state of anger, or in a power struggle and don’t know the root cause of it?  If parenting is about conveying one’s emotions to the child, then every time we have an interaction, and each time we choose a word or deed, we create effects.  We are powerful creators.

There are many parents who are aware of the programs that “run them”, and make conscious choices.  They use their intuition in a given situation, and strive to be as authentic as they can.  These are people who can get in touch with all parts of their personality, including the parts which originated in fear and also in love.  If you’re a parent who isn’t aware of the anger, resentment, and fear building up through time and inherited from your own family line, then this is the energy your child will experience.

What really helps is to start to experience your emotions in terms of physical sensations in your body, such as your heart and solar plexus.  If you are in a difficult situation with your child, and feeling any of the above emotions (and let’s face it most of us do), it’s really important to identify and tune into the physical sensations.  Then, allow those sensations (pressure, heat, pulsing) to be the key or feedback loop which allows you to regroup or take a pause to refresh and collect yourself, and think of a way to approach the situation in another direction.


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