The New Breed of Children

I have written about indigo children on my Spiritual Parenting Journey blogsite in the past.  I’d like to share this video which shows an eight-year-old youngster with enormous talents.  Although the interviewer doesn’t mention that he’s one of the “new breed” of children also known as indigos, this is precisely what I’m talking about both in my fiction book, “Travels to the Sixth Dimension”, and in previous blogs. 

Indigo children started to be birthed approximately 70-100 years ago, with a mission to help the planet and raise the consciousness of its people.  These exceptional children have multiple strands of DNA, activated in the proper sequence, and consequently can claim many gifts such as the abilities of the young child you see in the video.

With indigo kids, you need a different set of parenting skills.  These children need a particular type of guidance from mentors so they can flourish and complete their important missions.   If they are not understood, and are not helped to expand and develop, if they are repressed and made to feel “different”,  then it’s possible they can withdraw and become self-sabotaging.  Or, they could just sublimate their gifts.  There are a number of excellent books on the subject of indigos and a new paradigm of raising these children.  I shall suggest some in future blogs.


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