School for Thought

Due to the fact that the core of my blogs has to do with raising children to be conscious adults in all its ramifications, I am sending some very relevant information having to do with a school called, “Gathering of Children”.  You can access information about the school on the internet. Its founder, Barbara Clugh, explains the effects of this school which helps expand children’s awareness, and prepares them to be effective, morally conscious, and loving adults imbued with self-esteem, curiosity, and the skills to make positive contributions on a global level.

I have no doubt we will be seeing more and more schools with this type of curriculum, and I certainly hope it trickles down to the public school system.  If so, we have hope for this generation of children and the planet!  As Ms. Clugh states:

“We see students connecting with students from around the world to learn about their cultures, to become lifelong friends, and to collaboratively create projects that promote world peace and a healthy environment.  We see students understanding and appreciating all cultures and all religions.  We see students developing their understanding of their place in the world.  We see students learning how to connect with their life’s purpose.

We see students connecting with Spirit throughout all of their learning and development activities, especially using nature, ceremonies and natural living.  We see the Indigo and Crystal children teaching others, including adults.  We see autistic children helping others learn how to connect with Spirit.

We see children developing their emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-management, relationship management and social awareness) and spiritual intelligence (compassion, humility, meaning and purpose in life, and celebration of diversity) as intellectual intelligence (math, science, reading, and writing).

We see students using the whole brain to learn: math is learned using music and rhythm; science is learned through movement and art, history is learned through theater arts.  We see students being taught music, art, and drama with as much emphasis as any other subject.  We see students using play as a viable and effective form of learning. We see students learning compassion, tolerance, love and peace in a community setting where everyone has a voice in daily operations.  We see students gaining their confidence and self-worth through community living and learning.”

I thought you’d be as receptive to the possibilities of alternative teaching and alternative curriculums as I am.


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