Making Learning Fun

I’m a member of a speaking organization in which we are randomly called upon to talk extemporaneously about a subject with no time to prepare.

The reason I’m bringing this up is that at our last meeting, we had a Jeopardy game format in which there were five topics at the top of the screen with denominations of money beneath. Each topic was going from $100 to $500 according to difficulty; such as you would see on the TV show. This fun way of presenting topics reminded me that learning can be fun. I transferred this jeopardy game to my classroom when we were studying literary elements and comparing a variety of novels. It was such a hit I used it regularly with various subjects including spelling.

As a teacher or parent, I think it is imperative to make learning fun as well as substantive. Innovation is so important to good teaching and in offering students different ways of processing information.

Some of the fun ways to remember facts include mnemonics which is a device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assist remembering. Examples,

Distinguishing similar words: Principle and Principal

A rule can be called a principle

Your principal is your pal

Here’s one for spelling

When two vowels go walking the first does the talking. This is to remember words like oat, eat.

Here are some other ideas to make learning fun:

A child with good expressive language skills could talk through new information which also bolsters conceptual understanding, or a child with an interest in cooking might absorb procedural information by viewing it as a recipe rather than an algorithm.

Whether a teacher or a parent helping their child, it’s important to tap into the child’s strengths and interests for a productive learning experience.


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