Tapping into Core Beliefs

If you’re walking around in emotional angst, if you’re feeling out of control, you are actually being selfish to your family, and this goes for all facets of your life. In truth, you’re not doing anyone any favors by carrying the burden of the world on your shoulders.

When you have the awareness that you are disconnected and not in alignment with your higher purpose, that you are prevented from expressing your true potential due to obligations, then you are most likely not the perfect parent. Make a decision to take responsibility for your happiness and peace of mind first and foremost because it certainly has a trickle-down effect on your family.

There are energetic tools to help you. When you realize you are reacting to situations and trying to control your environment and the people in it, and you are being triggered into anger, frustration, and despair, it’s time to rethink the way you’ve been doing things. When you’re having knee-jerk reactions, it’s time to take out your tool box. What tool box you ask? I’m going to give you some startlingly effective ways to get back to your center so you can make the wisest decisions for yourself and your family. You can have this inner communication which is the starting point for miracles to show up.

Limiting beliefs are exhausting, and when you are confronted with a difficult emotional situation begin by sitting quietly in a meditative state, and visualize opening up your crown chakra at the top of your head. Say, “yes, I give myself permission to receive”, and allow the light to flow through the crown chakra, and then allow it to radiate through your body. Even if you are not a good visualizer, your intention will take you all the way. This happens by just saying yes. Giving permission is the key to receiving miracles and abundance on all levels. In this way, you are sending a message of “I deserve love, and I matter”. Most moms don’t feel appreciated and respected, and this opening request has an immediate healing for these issues. If you want appreciation and respect from your children, partner, or work associate, you must be a living model of love and appreciation yourself.

Allow yourself to go into the quietness of mediation, and allow the light to flow through your body. Say hello to the little child within you, because it’s actually your inner child who is feeling unappreciated and unloved, and is acting out. The way to heal this inner child, is for you to become the divine parent. And how do you do that? – by having the awareness that you’re disconnected from the empowered person you’re meant to be. Then you go into a dialogue with the child in your imagination by asking what’s hurting and what’s going on? You’ll find the right questions to ask when you begin the dialogue. You’ll see your inner child at the age at which whatever is causing you to react in the current moment came on line for your young child. Whatever the emotion you are feeling now – whether unloved, out of control, or just sad became a reality for your inner child and locked into the cellular memory. That is when the pattern of being unappreciated or feeling unloved came on the time track. By doing this, you are not seeking love or appreciation from the outside, but rather you are creating a connection from within.

Soothe the inner child and speak with love and with the intention to heal. Ask if the inner child needs anything, and you may be surprised by the answer. Leave your inner child when you are convinced the emotional wound has been healed. Keep going back to it until you have a sense of completeness on the issue. You may even see the vestige of the wound leaving the child as a dark cloud or some type of energy. You’ll know when you are complete, because you’ll be feeling better.

Speaking with your inner child and repeating the process when you feel dis-empowered or unloved will bring you back to wholeness and the enlightened parent you are meant to be. You’ll find the negative energy starts to shift, and your relationship with your family members will also shift. The people you love will want that kind of miracle in their lives too, as you become a metaphorical beacon of light to them.


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