Exercise for Goal Writing

Last week I wrote about teaching your child to set goals. As with adults, this is a most important area to consider for your child because he/she is more likely to match the behavior to the goal. Children need goals to be successful, so I’m going to write about something that Dr. Daniel Amen suggests in his audio series, “New Skills for Frazzled Parents.” I referred to him in the last blog as well, because he is one of the experts in the field, and he makes a lot of sense.

Obviously, to be effective in life at whatever age, it’s important to know what you want. Being goal-directed helps keep behavior on track and it’s also specific. It is suggested you help your child make short and long term goals which will ultimately make a positive difference in your life and your child’s.

Dr. Amen suggests an exercise called the One Page Miracle. He claims successful kids have a sense of personal responsibility and clear goals. So try it out if you have a distracted, unfocused child.

It is also suggested you be the child’s secretary, but that would of course, depend upon the age of the child. You divide the page up in categories such as you see below:

* Relationships – parents, siblings, friends

* School – work, after school activities

* Myself – body, feelings, faith, hobbies

Next to each of these headings, clearly write out what’s important to the child in that area. You can do the scribing and also prompting if the child can’t come up with ideas.

After the goals are written in these categories, it’s important to put them in a visible place as reminders of what the child is trying to attain. They should be checked daily so you can put them on the refrigerator, or by the side of the child’s bed to read before going to sleep as suggestions. It’s important the child focuses on his/her goals daily.


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