If the Genie Could Grant Your Wish

I’m reminded about how parental fears and concerns are inadvertently passed on to their kids. I had my class write essays on the theme of what they would change about their lives if they were granted a wish from a genie. The children I work with are anywhere from 12-14, and this happened to be a class of low readers. To my surprise, about 1/3 of the class wrote about their fears for their family and how their parents were having financial struggles or health issues. They wanted to be of help, but didn’t know how. Fear, worry, and anxiety naturally come up for many of us. It’s part of life. It’s hard to contain, and it’s also hard to keep the kids from picking it up by osmosis. We live in a complex world where all our buttons can be pushed, and it is very important to remind ourselves that the wolf is not at the door.

What I’m suggesting is that we try to deconstruct our mindset by using visualizations, affirmations, and some focused attention on what we do want to create. I have given a technique a couple of time called “The Flip Switch”, suggested by hypnotist and author, Dr. Robert Anthony. This is about replacing any negative thought you have (when you realize it), and replacing it with a positive thought and holding the thought for between 20-30 seconds. This allows for new neural pathways in the brain to develop, as well as raising your frequency to accommodate more positive experiences. When you’re calmer and when you can view the landscape of your thoughts under a looking glass, you can change the outcome of most situations. Once again, use meditation, use breathing, take some quiet time for yourself, watch a funny movie, and use the Flip Switch technique. Certainly, your child will benefit as well as you.


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