How Do You Improve the Interaction Between You and Your Child?

If you have a hyper-active or difficult child, here’s a solid way to shift bad behavior patterns, and it’s really simple. You exercise (in some form) with your child because exercise has many tangible health benefits. When you align this way with your child, everyone will notice a calming effect throughout the household.

As mentioned in a previous blog, you and your child should be reading your individual goals on a daily basis to help stay focused.

Here’s another simple way to make some ground. Hug your child, even if the child is sensitive to hugs. The more touching, the more connecting and the more relaxed you both will feel.

Help your partner/spouse ease into coming home. When a parent comes home from work, he/she needs 30-40 minutes to decompress before being tossed into the lion’s cage! Meaning, don’t ask the parent to do any chores, get dinner ready or help with homework. A time to rest and clear the head is essential for being successful in family relationships.

Finally, I shall talk about the importance of breathing. When things seem to be getting out of hand, whenever you are upset, take a big breath in and hold for two seconds then slowly exhale for between 5 to 10 seconds. Getting control of your breathing is the first step to controlling the actions you need to take to fit your goals. Another way to do this, is to yawn at least 6-10 times in a row. Both suggestions bring oxygen to the brain which helps you think clearly enough to deal with a difficult situation with your child.


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