Small Steps for Great Results

From Dr. Daniel Amen, leader in the field of brain plasticity and neuro-science, whom I often quote, “Every time you have a thought, your brain releases chemicals. An electric transmission goes across your brain and you become aware of what you’re thinking. These brain chemicals influence every part of your body. Whenever you have an angry, depressing or frightening thought, your brain releases a certain set of chemicals that cause your whole body to react or feel bad.”

Think about the last time you were really angry at your child. What do you think happened in your body? Probably like most people, your muscles became tighter, your breathing rate increased, your hands became cold, your heart rate increased and your body certainly reacted to what you were thinking.

What happened when you had a happy, hopeful, successful thought? Your brain released a whole new set of chemicals that made you feel good and relaxed and gave your body the opposite response where your heart rate slowed, your hands were warm and your muscles were relaxed.

What you think is critical to how you feel and what you do. As parents, it’s necessary to recognize the thoughts that go through your head, and try to correct them when they are distorted, or replace them with positive thoughts. You are what you think. Practice creating emotions on demand. It’s an ultimate skill. You can sit down, write your goals out regarding your family or other personal goals. and decide what you want your life to look like. Set small goals first, ones which your subconscious will not automatically think are impossible to attain. In this way, you eliminate subconscious resistance. With one small success, you will start believing in yourself and shift the energy in your relationships.


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