Good / Bad Supervisor

Continuing with the idea of good supervisor / bad supervisor from the previous blog and how it correlates to parenting, here is a list of traits which describe the bad supervisor. You may recognize some of these traits you need to correct in order to have a better relationship and exponentially better behavior results with your child.

BAAAAAD Supervisor

1- Expects you to know things that you haven’t been taught by example

2- Shows a poor attitude toward work

3- Expects you’ll screw up

4- A real drag to be around

5- Afraid to talk to Him / Her for fear of ridicule or embarrassment

6- Your mistakes are noticed and you’re called to task for them and never appreciated for what you do correctly or when you take initiative on your own

7- You don’t get any feedback except when there’s trouble

8- Dishonest, Unpredictable, Blames Others, Shows Favoritism

9- Intrusive and nosy

10- Can’t be trusted

If you can personally identify with most of these negative traits regarding your relationship with your child, it’s time to reflect and look at the good supervisor and develop traits suggested. How else, can you have a positive influence in your child’s life and establish peace and respect in the house?


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