Overcoming Ancestral Beliefs

In my previous blog, I mentioned teaching aggressive, anxious, and depressed children calming techniques which will give kids more focus. In order to do this, you’ll need to learn how to unburden yourself of some of your own false beliefs. I’ll describe a technique I’ve run across. Unless the parent heals themselves from unrecognized beliefs that run deep and are handed down generationally, and unless the chain is broken, pain and false beliefs are then passed unknowingly to your children.

When someone is hurting, they tend to take their emotional wounds out on their kids, and instead of being a loving adult, this type of parent comes from a wounded child space. This type of parent didn’t take on the responsibility to heal, so their actions sent the message to their kids with the result that the child took the parent’s pain and made it his own – a nasty cycle which needs to be broken.

So, here’s a visualization that may help you. It is directly from a book entitled, “The Enlightened Mom” by Terri Amos-Britt. She also offers several other wonderful techniques with a spiritual component.

She suggests this technique on how to release your guilt.

1 Find a quiet space and sit with a pen and paper. Get grounded and ask for God / Source to help you heal. Give thanks for the healing that you are about to receive.

2 Write in BIG words, I FEEL GUILTY BECAUSE…..then write everything down that comes to mind. Why do you think you feel bad? Write everything down about which you are ashamed. Make a list of all the guilt that you are ready to release from the past. Go back in time as far as you can remember plus anything you feel guilty about which is still hidden in your heart, whether someone else knows about it or not.

3 Feel everything

4 Imagine the little girl in you, and take her up on your lap. Tell her you’re sorry that she’s been holding onto so much pain over the years. Tell her that she isn’t bad. All of this is in the past. Explain that you didn’t have the tools then to love yourself. But, now you do. It’s time to start fresh.

5 Imagine all the images you experienced in this visualization being vacuumed into a big, beautiful rose. Imagine all the darkness being sucked into the head of the rose. When you feel that everything is gone, imagine closing the head of the rose and then sending it out over the ocean, mountains or forest and see it blowing up like confetti. You are releasing the energy back to the universe.

6 Once you’ve released all this dark energy, fill yourself up with Golden Light.

7 Give thanks to God for the amazing healing you’ve just experienced.


*Remember, you’re brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and illusion and in this type of visualization, you are creating a new, evolved sub-conscious programming which you will begin to act on. Do it as often as you like on any issue you may have.


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