Nurturing Hope in a Child

This is the Christmas season and my message for the holidays is one of hope and personal empowerment.  Sometimes, it’s hard to align yourself with the concept of hope as we listen to the news media reporting horrendous stories of depravity, greed, suffering – just view the news and you can easily plummet into hopelessness.

Hope is a necessary spiritual quality for a healthy emotional life.  Hope is not wishful thinking, nor is it based on unrealistic goals.  We certainly wish to instill hope in our children as it helps them have a positive response to crisis and challenge.  When you are able to instill hope in your child it indicates that together you have the natural ability to overcome any problems as they occur.

To help your child develop this emotional characteristic, it’s imperative that you help them to develop confidence in themselves.  One confidence builder is to suggest to your child that they make a list of all their positive qualities such as:

Helpfulness to Others


Courage in Difficult Situations

An Ability to Recognize Fear and Move Through it Anyway

Then you can have the child list the positive qualities of each family member.  This encourages appreciation of others, whether family members or not.  Also, the act of making a list is empowering.

I wish you all a joyous Christmas season, and may we enter 2015 with a sense of hopefulness, purpose and equanimity.


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