An Easier Way to Learn

Ken Keis, President and CEO of Consulting Resource Group International is an expert in the field of understanding the intuitive child and helping parents get a “handle” on supporting them. He heads global resource centers for personal and professional development, and explains how difficult it is for the intuitive child, who needs to explore his environment, to sit at a desk all day and listen to rules which include, “don’t do this” and “don’t do that”. Any child, whether intuitive or not, would find this type of environment very difficult, and often act out because of it. Mr. Keis explains, “Most children need to disperse their pent up energy, and compliance isn’t one of their best features!” Are you recognizing your child yet? I’m recognizing half my classes!

Although there are some new incentives and programs in schools which work with helping kids focus by restoring movement and physical activity on a daily basis, they are in the minority. “Educators and administrators,” he states, “need to understand that education is not about sitting at a desk without movement for six hours a day.” Most kids shut down after 10-15 minutes of lecturing. This has been proven in many studies. Kids just become unfocused. Their brains don’t accommode new information. Therefore, it behooves teachers to get kids (young and older students), moving or stretching even for a minute so they can get back into the groove of learning. This should be particularly important for parents of those children who have focus issues. It is suggested that the child take short breaks from doing homework and/or projects. “Routines and structures around compliance and the requirement of listening and doing tasks for long periods of time can contribute to as much stress as conflict. Frustration comes from the demand for compliance.” There are schools and organizations that have established different types of movement classes which may even include yoga, T’ai Chi, or mindfulness walking meditations, to name some. What a gift to have your child attending one of those schools. Alternatively, see if you can get your child into an afternoon program which teaches these disciplines.


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