Homogenized Milk? I Don’t Think So!

Too many kids are suffering from respiratory problems. I see evidence of it in my classes. Yesterday this problem was brought to mind when a student shot off a spray cologne in an unventilated classroom which resulted in many kids going into coughing fits.

Okay, today’s blog deals with health advice. I’m no expert but I do a lot of reading because I work with so many children who cultivate bad eating habits even though they have asthma or chronic sinus infections and bronchitis. Too many kids are susceptible to colds and flu because their immune systems are compromised. There are too many sick kids these days and my opinion is that stress and food/liquid intake are the primary reasons for chronic illness. I would like to share some info that you may find valuable.

Certainly, you would consult your Doctor if your child’s condition is chronic and serious but take this info under advisement if you will.

I’m now quoting from a book entitled “A Frumples Guide to Life.” Yes, it’s a strange title I know, but the author, Paula Knudson who is an expert in the field of nutrition, and who lectures all over the country, gave it this name for a particular reason that you can find out by visiting her website at http://www.frumples.com

“If a cow that produces the milk that makes the cheese is being fed GMO corn and being filled with anti-biotics – where do you think the chemicals are going when you ingest it? Then again, being human we live in a created world of pizza and beer, and fast food which is easy, cheap and unhealthy,” she says.

Ms. Knudson also tells us that we are the only animal that drinks another animal’s milk after being weaned. The milk that is being served in our country today is filled with pus from infection caused by the cows being treated with rbgh created by a Monsanto drug called Posilac and has been banned in every country except the USA. God bless America (she didn’t say that).

Dairy causes acne, lactose intolerance, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff and feeds cancer cells. Consumer reports has even warned of the potential hazard of rbgh treated cows. Just in case you were still not turned off, to add to that, each sip of milk has 59 bioactive hormones and increased insulin. Most milk is found to be adulterated with illegal antibiotics to kill the infections caused from the living condition of the cows and the GMO food they are being fed. Now, the powers of chemical control are adding aspartame to the already toxic beverage we call milk.

One other note. As Paula Knudson advises in her wonderful book of health/healing you can find at the above website, “Fast food is all chemicals and GMO created from chemicals to taste like something you think you want and is the cause of many ailments. Diet is the major cause of all DIS-EASE.” It also plays a huge part in kids with ADD and ADHD. I rest my case.

More info you need to know next week including tips on how you and your child can stay healthy in an escalating toxic world!


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