Spiritual Bank Account

We attract to us what we emanate, and “like goes to like”, or “birds of a feather flock together”.  Also, the consequences of our actions come in unexpected ways and at unexpected times.

We help a blind person cross the street and a year later a helpful stranger aids us in putting on a new tire when we get a flat.

In a fascinating book entitled Power VS Force, the renowned lecturer and expert on mental processes, Dr. David Hawkins, M.D. tells us, “in reality, a shift in motive or behavior acts on a field that then produces an increased likelihood of responding in a positive way.”  In other words, our inner work builds up a spiritual bank account but one that we can’t draw from anytime we want.  The release of the funds is determined by a subtle energy field which awaits a trigger to deliver this power back into our lives.

In essence, his point is that it is important to make wise choices which will enhance our own existence and that of others – whether friends, family or strangers.  In this way, we are building our spiritual bank account although the withdrawal is not entirely in our hands.


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