Authentic Power in Parenting

We are going through an unprecedented transition in human consciousness. This expansion goes well beyond the five senses as we begin to have the ability to download data from the universe. In translation, we can intuit information from our higher states of consciousness. Everything occurring in our lives has a reason, which reorients us toward spiritual growth. So what does this have to do with parenting? Everything! What about kids and parents? How can we learn from them and how can they learn from us? Unless we step into our authentic power (the alignment between our personality and our soul), we can’t be conscious parents or mentors.

According to “New York Times” bestselling author, Gary Zukav in his book “The Seat of the Soul”, “authentic power is developing the ability to become emotionally aware and to make responsible choices; to bring in harmony, cooperation and reverence for life. As you strive to bring in this energy, you become a person with these characteristics.”

He asks, “what would the qualities of authentic power mean to you as a parent? It would mean the very same thing as an individual who didn’t have children because this transition is happening to humans now.” I think we’d agree that some are slower on the uptake but thankfully this transition is unavoidable.

Conscious parenting requires conscious parents. If you are not aware of your life and its purpose, and if you are not aware of your emotions and what they can teach you, if you are not aware of your soul or have a commitment to align yourself with it, if you don’t have the courage to become aware of all that you are experiencing (and some is pretty painful), then you are in a state of consciousness in which you can’t freely express your love. How can you express love when you are angry, envious, in a power struggle? We carry these actions / emotions into our relationships with the children in our lives. So, we might say that all parenting is a conveyance of the consciousness of the parent to the child.

Naturally, and I’ve commented on this before, everyone does the best they can do at the time, but every time we have an interaction with a child, every time we choose a word, it creates an effect. As the transfer in human consciousness prevails, it makes us more aware, but it’s up to all of us to transform ourselves. More on this subject and some transformational tools next time.


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