There Are Only Two Intentions

When was the last time you ‘lost your cool’ with your child; when he/she pushed your buttons beyond the limits and you experienced anger, jealousy, or being in a power struggle. Certainly, your child can feel your energy even before you enter the room to go into psychological, if not physical combat. It’s a given that whenever you interact with another person, whatever you cause this person to experience will come back to you eventually.

For example, you do something destructive in a fit of rage. To balance it, call it karma, there will be an experience you will undergo commensurate with your action. “”When this happens, International speaker, author, Gary Zukav says, “the energy balance is corrected and what you choose to do next will again create a possible energy imbalance if you haven’t learnt from it.” Recognize that all experiences serve a purpose with a factor of karma involved. If you don’t resonate to the word, just look at your life and the experiences you’ve had.

When you’re involved in an emotional experience with your child, you have the choice to step back and see him from a more impersonal perspective. By realizing this, you will see that your intention to choose kindness and love over anger and frustration puts you in the driver’s seat. You are not reacting and you are not choosing unconsciously but rather you are choosing to react consciously at the point of choice. You are aware and are present in that moment with your child.

When angry or frightened, we tend to become judgmental. When frightened our intention is to manipulate and control. The more insecure we are, the more we feel the need to control others in our environment.

When you detach from the emotional situation with your loved one, as difficult as this may seem at the time, you put yourself in a position to make the most evolved choice. You get immediate clarity on the emotions coursing through you and the power struggle that is going on. You can make a shift at this time.

Choose not to act on impulse or unconsciously but rather be in touch with the most loving part of your personality to shift the energy between yourself and your child. Love and fear are really the only intentions. See if you can make the most evolved choice between the two.


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