First Aid For Parents

The blog this week definitely has a spiritual bent because once again I was reading about this very interesting time of transition the planet is going through.  Some people refer to it as an ascension process, and fascinating statistics range concerning the jump in human consciousness.

Unbelievably, information you can find on the internet shows this jump in consciousness, and a steady rise in intuition and para-normal abilities, has been attained by anywhere from 51 to 53% of the population.  For some of us, it may be more subtle.  The frequency of the planet is changing and we are transcending into higher states of being.  A paradigm shift of our evolution is certainly underway and it behooves those in the know to pass it on to those who are too blocked to receive this info.

Speaking of the spiritual, I would suggest a book for parents entitled, “The Secret Spiritual World of Children”:  The Breakthrough Discovery that Profoundly Alters Our Conventional View of Children’s Mystical Experience by Tobin Hart, Ph.D.  The description of the book tells us, “He was forced to face the truth of childhood illuminations when his own daughter told him about the angels she regularly conversed with.”  The result is that the book is meant to aid parents in understanding the phenomenon of this new breed of kid often referred to as indigos or star children. It illustrates steps parents can take to make spirituality a regular part of their own lives.  And, here’s a plug for my own newest fiction book, “Why Me?” which is the story of an indigo boy and a call to action for all those highly coded, highly conscious kids.  See it on this site and enjoy the video.

Now, here are some suggestions Mr. Hart gives in the above referenced book.

Teach your children to use the acronym M.A.P. for spiritual guidance. It stands for Meditation, Affirmation, Prayer.

Teenagers who join together in spiritual worship, or activity within a community, have substantially lower suicide rates and incidents of drug use or crime.

Parents especially should try soul writing (not to be confused with automatic writing where another entity takes over one’s mind).  Soul writing is a meditative process of connecting to the sacred wisdom within – the part of us that has our answers for guidance and assistance.

Consider a new type of music available.  It’s called the Solfeggio frequencies, found in the ancient Gregorian chants and other sacred works.  It’s a lot easier on the ears than Rap or Heavy Metal! In this particular kind of music, there are nine frequencies aligned in repetitive patterns of thirds for healing and uplift.  They are continuous wave forms of sound, dubbed DNA music.

Remember, a change in consciousness restructures the brain and reawakens the heart.


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    • Ashely:Thanks so much for your comment. It’s so nice to have validation particularly when you want to get what you think is valuable info out there to help others.

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