Children know innately when they touch a tree or hold a flower that something inside them is going to click.  It is our job to instill in children the concept that they are part of the whole, and as a part of everything they won’t be as likely to abuse the environment, each other or themselves.  They will realize that whatever they do, affects others.  Helping young people understand their connection to each other, and to the earth, is extremely important.  Aboriginal people understood this, and had defined forms of educating their children that were passed down generationally.  All were centered on contact with the natural world and with the earth.  This leads me to the idea of “earthing” for the fantastic healing properties you and your children can benefit from.

Emerging science tells us that direct contact with the earth — that means being shoeless on soil or sand — allows us to receive an energy infusion compliments of mother earth.  It is referred to as vitamin G for ground.  You receive a kind of electrical nutrition when you indulge yourself in “earthing”.  In doing this, you are actually restoring and stabilizing the bioelectrical circuitry that governs and harmonizes your biological rhythm.  Not only that, but walking barefoot on the earth boosts self-healing mechanisms, reduces inflammation and induces sound sleep and a feeling of calmness.  The pharmaceutical industry would practically go out of business if everyone “earthed”.

Research of thousands of individuals including doctors from the site, suggests we live on a global treatment table but don’t know it. Why not avail yourself of this free health benefit and teach your child about its benefits?


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