Can Children Be Free From Anxiety?

I look at all the stress management information available online or in my local health publications, and realize that the industry has certainly blossomed in the last decade to become a full-fledged movement.  The webinars / courses / articles are presumably there to help quell the anxiety of our times. We may be anxious about our personal finances, relationships, or the horror of what’s going on in the world, but do our children need to be?

According to NY Times best-selling author, motivational speaker, and coach, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, in his book entitled, What do You Really Want for Your Children?, “Children are growing into adults with higher and higher blood pressure readings, increased incidence of ulcers, and coronary problems as well as migraine headaches.  They are the participants in an entirely new industry called “stress management,” and many of the stress experts are blaming the stress rather than the stressful thinking.”  Dr. Dwyer suggests that we can raise children to be free from the ravages of an anxious life, but it is up to parents and mentors to encourage kids to believe they have a large measure of control about what they carry around inside.  He tells us, “with healthy thoughts and an amalgamation of common sense and appropriate reinforcements, your child will not end up consuming valium in order to cope with the problems of life or be in a therapist’s office endlessly discussing his/her childhood and how to overcome it.”

I believe the first step is for us to realize what it means to be free from anxiety.  Think in terms of harmony, peace, and love which I’ll admit sounds entirely “new-agey” but has the essence of truth within.  There’s a kind of acceptance of our world, and love of one’s self as a human being, that comes with those three words.  While harmony, peace, and love may sound idealistic because it ignores the everyday realities of life, I think it’s possible to teach children how to think in ways which help them maintain an inner sense of serenity. The way to achieve this is to help children understand the necessity of self-love, and self-respect as opposed to self-contempt.  Self-love blooms in a child when you are able to give them love while teaching them to give it back to everything and everyone they encounter on their life path.  This love is not necessarily exemplified in hugs and kisses, although that counts for something, but rather with the attitude you express in your reactions to your child which can be reinforced daily.  More to come on this subject – please let me remind you to sign up for the advance notice of products for developing self-esteem AND the free parent newsletter on my website, .


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