Conscious / Unconscious Parenting?

Our conscious / subconscious programming can often have a negative effect on a child’s development. There is plenty of research / scientific studies which confirm the importance of understanding how to work with the subconscious, and how to alter our way of thinking so we don’t come from a place of lack or victimization.

The book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, and documentary What the Bleep Do We Know? which was first released in theatres in 2004, and went on to be one of the most successful documentaries of the time, are examples of a new paradigm of dealing with re-programming thoughts and beliefs we’ve inherited from family and ancestors, as well as our own creations. New ways of understanding energy and the universal laws of manifestation are offering ways to live centered and abundant lives.

To introduce the idea of conscious parenting, it implies that you as parents are interacting with your child based on your own emotional legacy. That is, you have subliminal programs running from your past which are unconscious to a large degree. It is with these unconscious programs that you interact. The first step is to become aware of the unconscious programs. That sounds very difficult as people go into therapy for years to get in touch with these patterns of thought and behavior, and aren’t always successful.

It seems we are deeply entrenched in the condition in which we were raised. We react to our world, and of course our children, not understanding that we are reacting based on our unconscious past. Unless we can understand this type of enslavement, we won’t be mindful, conscious parents and mentors.

In order to free the child from parental personal baggage, it is important to realize that the little computer between our ears stores every bit of information we’ve ever received, and does its own form of interpretation based on past events and our interpretation of them. Once we understand that we are reacting to past programs, and that there’s something going on within us at all times, we can be mindful in our relationships. We can come from a place of stillness and deep understanding. Revisiting our past and taking an introspective look can set us free to engage peacefully and powerfully in our world, and set our children up to succeed mentally, emotionally and physically.


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